Writing is fun. To some, it’s a free nature-given talent while to others; it’s a skill learned in school. In both scenarios, writers require to put in extra hard work. A writer expresses his/her thoughts in words to reach an audience. Unlike in the past, where writers wrote as a hobby, today, it’s possible to earn from nurturing your talent and skills and earn from it.

It is made possible by learning how to maximize your productivity as a writer.

Below is a list of SIX writing tips that will boost your productivity.

  1. Write Every day and Everywhere.

Experience has a vital role in success in writing just as in any other career. Practicing every day will strengthen your writing skills and help you improve your output. Make it a habit of writing an article a day. At the start, it may seem hard, but with time, it proves to be simple.

You may be asking yourself what topics you should write on. For a start, jot down every idea that crosses your mind, and during your free time, try to compile your ideas into a statement or a short story. By doing so, you will be training your mind to visualize and create.

 Always remember, an article per day, keeps procrastination at bay!

2. Write Drafts

Great ideas are capable of leaving your mind as fast as they came. Sometimes thoughts cross our minds, and after a while, we can’t recall what they were about and left with only a vague picture of what they were.

Drafting simple sentences of your thoughts when they cross your mind will enable you to create a great article with a good flow of ideas later.

It saves you time, and well, time is money.

3. Conquer Interruptions and Distractions

Have you ever set a goal for yourself, and was unable to achieve it because you were distracted along the way?  You may have abandoned the project altogether. Distractions will always be a part of your daily life. How you overcome them is what matters.

Distractions come in many forms like social media, emails, or from the people living with you. All these are part and parcel of your life. Below are some simple ways to overcome distractions:

  • Set a daily target and aim at achieving it.
  • Manage your time well. Plan and write during the time you are likely to encounter minimal distractions.
  • Have the willingness to avoid easily avoidable distractions.
  • Focus

4. Have a Niche to write for

Choosing a specific audience to address helps you to narrow down your thoughts to a unique idea.  It enables you to broaden your research, thus satisfying your readers. If you write something that you can read over and over without getting bored, then go for it. Research on it and produce the best. But if you can’t enjoy the topic you’re writing about, it may be extremely challenging to convince your readers to enjoy. You may even push them to the ‘delete’ button.

5. Passion

Passion drives us and gives us purpose in life. It’s the force that keeps us afloat when we seem to be sinking.

Let your passion drive you to write, improve your writing, and gain more experience.

When you combine your passion with your purpose for writing, you will maximize quality and on your earnings.

6. Proofread your Articles

Don’t be in a rush to press that ‘Submit’ button. Take your time to go through your work thoroughly. Once you’ve written your article, take a small break before you start proofreading, and refresh your mind, making it easier for you to point out simple mistakes that could cost you a great deal.

Revisions are no favorites for any writer. It’s better to use some more minutes to proofread than to re-do the whole paper.

The most important thing is to start. Gather the courage you need and start your writing journey. Quit procrastination and over-thinking. Just do it!

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We make writing simple, so you can understand it easily. Just do it!

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