5 Best Pets for Kids

kids With Pets


With the increasingly busy schedules in today’s world, parents have less time to spend with their children. The cost of living is rising every day and parents have to double their efforts to give their children a good life.  It doesn’t mean that the parents are neglecting their kids. It means that the world is changing, and we all must adapt to fit it. Most parents always squeeze some time to be with their children, but this is barely enough. Today’s kids are taught essential aspects of life at a very tender age. Some of these aspects include responsibility. Teaching children how to be responsible can be in many forms, and one of them is by having a pet.

There are many important factors to consider before deciding on what pet to buy for your child. Some of these factors include:

  • Age of the child
  • Cost of the pet
  • Cost of maintenance of the pet
  • Your availability as you will often be required to assist your child in caring for the pet.
  • Know the merits and demerits of getting a younger pet, compared to an older one. A younger pet may require extra training time to be able to adapt to the new environment.
  1. Dogs

Once you’ve majored these factors, you can now start to figure out which is the best pet for your child. Below is a list of 5 best selection of pets for kids:

It has to top this list. After all, it’s a man’s best friend, and they easily interact with humans. Dogs give a sense of responsibility to the kids and offer limitless love in return as they blend very well with the family. For an active child, a dog is the best choice to consider. There are, however, essential aspects to consider when choosing the best breed of dog for your child. For instance, a Labrador is very friendly, and bonds well with children. On the other hand, a dog like Weimaraner can turn to be harmful to small kids as they play rough sometimes

2. Cats

Cats are tender and mostly cool for a kid who is not so playful. They are easy to maintain, as they are mostly independent. They blend easily with both kids and adults. Before bringing a cat home as a pet, investigate if your child is allergic to cats as it’s easy to contract allergy from a cat.

With children above 13 years, it’s crucial for thorough parental guidance as Hamsters are fragile and can easily die if mishandled. They may also transmit germs to children

3. Fish

For kids who love to learn and explore, fishes are an excellent choice for a pet. They come in different sizes and colors.  Fish like Molly fish are colorful and attractive to the kids. Fish are not easy to maintain as they require constant feeding and cleaning of the water tanks. Children having a fish as a pet will teach your child how to be responsible.

4. Rabbits

They are friendly and gentle, and with some adult supervision, they can make great pets. A child with a rabbit as a pet learns important life aspects such as caring and being gentle, as rabbits must be handled gently.

5. Finches and Canaries

These birds are a wise choice to make when choosing a bird pet for your child. They are beautiful to watch and easy to maintain. They also soothe the child through their soothing chatters and chirps. They, however, require gentle handling and care, and they survive well in groups due to their minimal interaction with a human.

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