An Article a Day keeps Procrastination at Bay.

“I will do it later” are words that we often utter when we have a task to do. It always seems sweet and satisfying to postpone some work for later. I have found myself in such a situation too, whereby I want to write often and perfect my skills, but then I end up postponing my goals for later. In most cases, I don’t do it later! I keep on postponing, and eventually, the initial deep urge fades away, and forget my goal altogether.

For this reason, I have decided to write about procrastination and how it can come between you and your goals and ambitions.

Have you ever found yourself with an urge to fulfill and accomplish something but then some funny distractions just pop-up leading you to postpone your burning urge?

Have you been in a situation where you took a paper and a pen and listed all the things you needed to accomplish in a given period but didn’t even start?

Have you started a task, left it halfway done, and never came back to finish it?

Well, most of us have been a victim of procrastination at one or several points in our lives. We say procrastination is a thief of time, but again we let this ‘thief’ rob us easily. We don’t even give a fight, we don’t resist, and we allow the thief called procrastination into our lives, rob us of our goals, of our dreams and ambitions.

All is not lost, and where there is a will, there is a way. By employing some simple measures in our daily routine, we can keep procrastination away.

Measures you need to employ as a writer for maximum productivity.

Success is sweet, but the road to attaining it is full of barriers. And as such, lots of sacrifices are needed to obtain it. Below are a few measures that you can employ as a writer to overcome procrastination and achieve maximum productivity.

  • Know exactly what you want.

Avoid being a person who is easily swayed by others. You must discover yourself, know your most substantial areas, invest in them, and know your weak points, and improve on them. Before you start doing something, find out if it is something you can enjoy doing even during your lowest moments.

Ask yourself if you’re suitable to mine this ‘gold’ that will take you a very long time to mine and probably get undesirable results, or is it better to continue mining the ‘diamond’ that you’re used to doing in a less time thus giving you more income and fulfillment.

  • Do you have a passion for what you do, or are you in it just for the money?

Understand me, you need money for a living, but let whatever you do or write, in this case, bring you joy and money.

As a writer, you may decide to deep your feet in a particular niche because your fellow writer is in it and making a fortune. But once you start researching an article, you find out that it takes you longer than expected; it may also strain you so much that you leave it halfway.

  • List down what you need to accomplish every day and reward yourself for each task that you complete successfully.

As a writer, you need to have a to-do list. Write down all that you need to finish each day.

For a start, I would recommend writing one article of 500 words each day. Once you finish writing, look for a mentor who can go through your work, and give honest criticisms. Reward yourself for each completed article. By rewarding, I don’t mean using money. You can reward yourself by using the remaining part of the day for exercises or cooking your favorite meal. You can also learn a new task on YouTube.

By doing so, you will always be looking forward to the following day to write another article and even improve further.

Once you master the art of writing a 500 words quality article, you can move further to writing two articles per day.

  • Identify your fears and aim to overcome them.

“Am I good enough?”

“Am I up for the task?”

“Will anyone be interested in what I write?”

These are some of the questions that fear makes us ask our inner self. Fear is a dangerous, destructive tool. Fear brings about low confidence, it lowers your self-esteem, and at times, it may lead to depression.

The truth is, even the best writers started from somewhere. Overcome your fears and write your first article and let the world read it.

You can only know how well or bad you are once you start. After you get the feedback, take both the positive and negative feedback well, and become a better writer daily.

The important thing is never to stop.

  • Limit the time you spend on  Social Media

Social media has been a gateway for many people, more so freelancers. It has enabled many to reach levels that they never thought they would reach. However, you must be very careful about what social media sites you spend most of your time on. Once you log in to your Facebook account, what happens? How long do you spend in there and on what? Who do you follow?

If you’re the kind who logs in their Facebook or Instagram accounts every other second to see how many likes that sexy photo you posted have garnered, then maybe it’s about time to rethink your social media usage. 

I’m not saying it’s wrong to post some nice pictures of you, but do it in moderation. Post your work too.

Spend more time making copies that would make your clients hire you back. Follow fellow writers on Social sites, and learn what they do differently and how they do it.

Sometimes you may be required to keep your phone some meters away from you and concentrate on what you’re writing.

  • Don’t beat yourself too hard.

Sometimes we punish ourselves so severely when we procrastinate. We feel like we are failures making us procrastinate even more. Be nice to yourself; understand that you are not alone. Many people are going through the same challenge.

Pace yourself differently; don’t over compare yourself with others. We all grow at a different pace. Gauge yourself bit by bit. If you have a more immense and overwhelming task, take it bit by bit. Break it down to easier subtopics that will make your work easier and enjoyable.

The points above do not apply to the writers only. Procrastination can happen to anyone, and knowing how to overcome it is a plus to everyone. We sometimes get overwhelmed in our work, and postponing the task seems to be the only remedy. In turn, wastes our precious time and minimizes our productivity. If the task seems too hard, pause for a while, breathe, reflect, and strategize, go back and do an excellent job bit by bit. Just don’t neglect your work because of procrastination.

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