5 Businesses You Can Start With Little or No Capital in Kenya

Have you found yourself in a web of thoughts of what business you should start to keep going? The high unemployment rate in Kenya has left many youth jobless and stranded on making ends meet. When you think of starting a business, you may have challenges on where to source capital.

What if I told you that it is possible to earn with little or no capital?

1. Offer Tuition to Primary and Secondary school students

It is an excellent opportunity to make good use of what you learned in school while you earn a token from it. To do this business, you must identify the subject(s) that you’re comfortable teaching. For example, maybe you’re good at Mathematics or Chemistry. For optimal results, stick with teaching one subject. You may also offer to improve the reading skills of children at a fee.

This hustle may prove difficult in towns such as Nairobi, where parents won’t trust you easily with their children, but it is not impossible.

Where to get clients from:

Start with your neighbors (assuming you’re a social person). Explain to them that you can help their children improve on their studies at a small fee.  Tell them you can conduct lessons at their house or from your house depending on how the parents prefer.

You can also get clients from your church. Once you get your first student and deliver quality work, be sure to get more through referrals.

If you’re starting, you may consider starting with the primary school students in the evening, on weekends, and during the holidays because most Secondary school students are in boarding schools, hence wise to go for primary school students.

For this business, you need patience (to handle kids), research (to teach in line with the syllabus), a timetable (students may be from different classes), and willpower.

 2. Homemade meals

Are your family and friends always praising your culinary skills? Do you make meals that leave your guests licking their fingers?

Why not turn your skills into an income-generating activity?

You can make Mandazi, Chapatis, or even Uji and sell to people in the construction sites. If the reception of your food is good, you may add rice and stews to your menu. Slowly by slowly as you interact with your customers.

Most people like and eat Chapatis in Kenya, but not many know how to make them soft and layered. Start offering your chapatti cooking skills to your friends. Remember to advertise your skills to social sites such as Facebook and Instagram and request your clients to vouch for your business. Always accompany your adverts with nice pictures of your food.

3.Mobile Braiding and Makeup services

In this business, all you need is the skills. Offer braiding services to people at the comfort of their homes or in your home. It is a pretty much easier way to earn because when you make your clients (who are women happy), the word of your quality work will spread so fast thus, enabling your clientele base will grow. Remember, women are very good at spreading information.

As for makeup, you must be well versed with skin tone types and quality products. If you’re trained and lack a job or capital to start this business, you may consider the mobile idea.

You can record yourself applying makeup as you explain the procedure step by step and use the videos in advertising your skills. As you grow, you may expand to training the basic beginner’s makeup application skills to people from their homes.

4.Laundry and Cleaning Services

In Kenya, most people do not own washing machines making handwashing a popular method of cleaning. Some parents prefer having their clothes and houses cleaned once per week as opposed to hiring a housemaid. Move from one estate to the other, offering your services. If you get at least three houses to start with, clean on different days of the week, you’re good to go.

In this business, you only require the willpower to move from one estate to another, searching for clients.

5.Home Baking Lessons.

If you’re a good baker, consider baking from home and offering lessons on the same. There are always people having parties that require cakes. We have many bakers baking from home, and you can do the same. You only need to be unique, be consistent in advertising, and make sure you offer quality services, and you will surely grow.


There are many things to do from home with little capital, either as a full-time or part-time. You only need to identify the gap in your area and start from there.

If you can easily engage people on social media, have a big fanbase of the online following, start advertising from there to get clients. When you deliver high-quality services, you will thrive as Kenyans as very generous in supporting one another.

Just get out of your comfort zone.

I hope these few points will help you find the gap to fill and start earning. You don’t necessarily have to start the businesses stated above. Think outside the box and figure out what services you can offer with very little starting capital.

Best wishes.


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