How to Live a Healthy Life While Working From Home

When Covid-19 first strike at the end of 2019, many things changed. As we progressed to the year 2020, the situation around the world became worse as governments locked down their borders. The way of life also changed as the hours of staying indoors increased. During this period, the number of people working from home increased sporadically.

Working from home comes with a basket of benefits, especially for freelancers. We get to have our families with us almost throughout the day and flexible working hours, among other benefits. I write and caption from home as my daily hustle. When I’m not writing, you will find me captioning, and when I’m not doing both, I’m pitching.

I recently noticed that I gained unnecessary weight, especially around my waist and tummy area. I’ve also been feeling lots of fatigue lately.

For this reason, I’ve embarked on reflection on my lifestyle. I’ve discovered the extent of neglect that I have inflicted on my health while searching for money which can’t seem to be enough. I found out a few things that I’ve been doing wrong, and I purpose to change that. Maybe you’re in the same predicament as I am, and you may find this useful for a change.

Below are some of the things you are doing all wrong:

Working from your bed– are you’re the kind who likes to work in the comfort of your bed in your pajamas?

It may look like fun at first, but it may bring you back problems in the long run. Apart from affecting your back negatively, working from your bed slows down your progress.

Eating Fast Food– fast food may seem like the easier way out for a person trying to meet deadlines. Fast food once in a while isn’t bad but making it your daily meal becomes a problem.

Little to no exercise– do you have time to stretch out your muscles after working?

Some people are either on their laptops, televisions, or phones. Some people don’t leave their houses at all for a whole month. They work on their laptops, order fast food, watch a movie, chat on their phones, and sleep.

Measures you should take to maintain a healthy lifestyle as you work from home

After conducting a meeting between myself and all the organs that make me, we concluded that we need to live a healthy lifestyle if we want to continue enjoying the sweet fruits of freelancing.

Having a work timetable

It can be tricky to have a specific work timetable when you’re a freelancer as some days you have so much work while other days you have none. If you’re at the beginning of your freelancing, it is vital to accept the workload you can handle in a given number of hours. Gauge yourself, know your speed, and the time you need to articulate your ideas. In all the work that you receive per day, make sure you have at least two hours for yourself.

In these two hours, forget your monitor, tablet, or phone. Prepare a nice meal, eat fruit, jog, and take a shower. Go outside for some fresh air as you reflect on other issues away from your work. Don’t let your life revolve around your work, for there is more to life than just working.

Having an office/ a working desk

It’s about time we started taking freelancing jobs as any other type of job. Wake up, clean up, and head to your ‘office.’

You don’t have to live in a big house to have an office. You can dedicate a corner of your room to be a working area. Make sure it is away from your bedroom to avoid the temptation to sneak back into your blankets. In your working area, have a comfortable working table/desk and a chair. A good table shouldn’t be too tall or short depending on your height, and a nice chair should offer you comfort as you work. Make sure it has a firm grip on your waist and shoulder area.

Avoid working from your bed or couch, by all means, to avoid hurting your back.

Eating healthy meals

Unhealthy foods and drinks are the biggest mistakes of many freelancers. Some freelancers would rather eat fries with lots of meat and beer or soft drinks than make simple healthy meals. The reason being; they don’t have time. Create time to nourish your body with water, healthy fruits, well homemade meals, and juices.  Consider it as a reward for all the good things you’ve accomplished. Remember, you can replace your phone, tablet, laptop, and even jobs, but you only got one body. Make it your priority.

If you’re struggling with unhealthy weight, you may want to try Keto Diet plan. Luckily for you, you can get a cookbook with well and simplified plan on Keto Diet absolutely free. You will only pay a small shipping cost. Click Here to claim your Free copy now, and start living your dream life.


Exercising stimulates a smooth flow of blood to and from the heart. You’re lucky to be in this generation where everything is readily accessible. Very early in the morning, most of our Kenyan local TV channels host a fitness instructor who demonstrates various ways of exercising for free, us to exercise in the morning at the comfort of your living room. There is nothing more fulfilling than being able to jog, stretch, and sweat it all out in the morning before you start your working day.

Exercises relieve stress, opens up your mind, and relax your body muscles. Make it a habit.

Having Enough Sleep

According to the sleep foundation, a healthy adult needs between 7-9 hours of sleep per night.

Not everyone is lucky to have 7-9 hours of sleep, as some people work more than one shift per day. We sometimes deprive our bodies of enough sleep time because we like bringing our phones to bed with us. When it’s time to sleep, let it be only that. Social media can wait.

Sleep helps restore the body, powers the mind, and forties all other systems of your body. Sleep deprivation leaves you tired, making it hard to stay focused on your important projects.

Read about the benefits of getting enough sleep here.

Giving back to the community

Dedicate a day per month to give back to the community, join non-profit groups, local youth groups, church groups, or any other group that does social work. Visit the less fortunate, spend time with them and offer whatever help that you can afford. You may join a group that visits children’s orphanages, or a group that plants trees, or one that cleans the environment once per month.

By doing so, you make time to socialize, see life from a different angle while experiencing it firsthand away from your keyboard. Giving to the less fortunate comes with a sense of fulfillment and peace of mind. Knowing that the little you gave made someone smile rejuvenates your soul.


In every passing day, our needs become more and more. We have the urge to be the best. We desire to work hard and achieve more. The economy doesn’t spare us as it keeps on getting harder. We immerse ourselves in our work and forget our bodies and our health. We only remember to live a healthy life when we experience pain in one part of our body. The world is moving fast, and relaxing means we are left behind.

Taking care of our health is paramount for productivity and good life. I urge you to create time in your busy schedule and tend to your body’s wellbeing.


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