Making money online is a very lucrative topic for many beginners who desire to earn a living. However, not many people have concrete information on how to do it. There are many legit ways to make money online. You must, however, know that online is not a scapegoat for easy money. You require skills, commitment, and discipline, and always be ready to evolve with the job market by continuously nurturing your acquired skills.

If you’re not ready to put in the work, then online work isn’t your thing.

Below are 10 Easier Ways to Make Money Online for Starters.

1. Become a Transcriber

As a transcriber, your work is to convert audio and video files into text format.

To become a professional transcriber, you require to possess strong listening skills and be fast in typing. You will also need good headphones, a strong internet connection, and a working computer.

You will need little to no training for you to start transcribing. Each transcription site has its set guidelines in a style guide that you must follow.

Transcription is mainly in three forms;

  • General transcription
  • Medical transcription
  • Legal transcription.

Common transcription sites:

  • GoTranscript
  • TranscribeMe
  • Scribie
  • QA world
  • Upwork
  • Verbit AI
  • Casting Words

It is important to note that some transcription sites require strictly English Native Speakers. You must complete and pass a test to own a transcription account with either of the above transcription sites.

2. Become a Writer

Write articles for business and websites business owners. If you have a great mastery of grammar and research skills, you can become a writer. All you need is to take a short writing course to nurture your writing skills.  Read broadly, write articles and publish them on free sites like Medium. (You will later use these articles as samples when pitching)

You can get writing jobs on the following sites

  • Fivver
  • Upwork
  • Problogger

As you scale up the writing ladder, you will learn the ropes of pitching for clients without using content mills.

3. Become a Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is an independent contractor who provides office/ administrative assistance to clients while working outside the client’s office, usually from home.

Some of the work that a virtual assistant do includes the following;

  • Making travel arrangements
  • Managing emails
  • Marketing
  • Bookkeeping
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Making phone calls

You may require training on the programs and tools that you need to be a virtual assistant.

4. Participate in Online Surveys

Online surveys are a good source of part-time income. You cannot rely on online surveys as a full-time job as surveys are sometimes scarce, and the pay isn’t much.

Be cautious when creating an account with survey sites that;

  • Ask you to pay to join
  • Make very little pay
  • Constantly disqualifies you for surveys
  • Have no ratings

5. Dropshipping

When you become a dropshipper, you will source products from manufacturers and sell them online to your customers. When your customer places an order, the item is shipped to the customer by the manufacturer. You don’t require much capital to start a dropshipping business. All you have to do is arm yourself with strong online marketing skills and the capability to identify fast-selling products.

Jumia is an example of a dropshipping site for Kenyans.

6. Earn Money YouTubing

If you are a creative person, you may consider creating a YouTube channel with great content.

The content can range from entertainment, coaching to trending things around you. YouTubers earn money through ads.  Matt Par explains more ways to make money on YouTube.

You must fulfill YouTube’s minimum requirements for you to monetize your content. Creating consistent and engaging content and having an active Google Adsense is necessary for monetizing your channel. Learn more on how to make money as a YouTuber here

7. Become a proofreader

A proofreader is a ‘hawk eye’ for bloggers, authors, and website owners. As a proofreader, you will ensure that the content is free from grammatical errors.

8. Sell your Products Online

Sell your handmade home décor products, farm products, or any other items online. You may be having a physical shop, or you’re simply selling from home. Advertising your products online will increase your sales and income.

For you to stand out from other sellers, take great pictures of your products, post and advertise them on social network sites. Once a customer makes an order, make sure you deliver quality goods and on time.

9. Get Paid to Test Websites

If you’re internet savvy and have incredible communication skills, then testing websites might be the extra source of income that you’ve been missing.

Some companies will pay very well for your honest review of their websites. Some mobile applications will require you to install their application for a given period, in which they will compensate you for installing it.

You will also require a working computer with a good camera and microphone, a strong internet connection, and an updated browser. Most sites prefer using a computer to phone when testing their websites.

10. Affiliate Marketing

As an affiliate marketer, you will earn a commission from sales of another person’s product online. All you have to do is to drive traffic that can buy their products. You can also earn a commission by driving traffic into people’s websites.

For example if you’re into  Keto Diet, you can can have a wonderful Keto Diet plan which is absolutely free. You will only cater for the shipping cost.  Click Here to claim your free copy now.

Ps: I will get some commission if you purchase the plan using the above link, at no extra cost to you.


Making money online is easy when you’re equipped with the right skills. Note that you can do most online work from home, hence the need for a high level of discipline and commitment.

While the above are some of the easiest ways to start earning online, there are many other ways to make money online.

Some of the ways that we haven’t discussed are;

  • Social media manager
  • Online private Tutor
  • Buying and selling of domains.
  • Blogging
  • Data entry
  • Offering a digital course
  • Creating an app
  • Working for a call center
  • Vlogging

The important aspect of making money online is identifying your strong areas, train further to strengthen your skills, practice regularly, and pitch for work. Taking free online courses on Udemy or Coursera will also help strengthen your skills and achieve your goals.

You may also consider subscribing to a newsletter from bloggers who give insightful tips to navigate the online market.

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