6 Reasons why your Life is Stagnant

Personal Development

Have you ever sat down and reflected on your life and how you have developed over the years? Do you sometimes feel stuck in one position, and nothing seems to work no matter what you do?

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Well, sometimes in life, we reach a point where we feel stagnant. We feel left behind, and nothing we do seems to progress our lives.

Being stuck in one position could affect your personal and professional life negatively. But what exactly causes this stagnation in your life?

Below is a list of possible reasons you’re not progressing in your personal or professional life and their possible solutions.

6 Reasons why your Life is Stagnant

  1. You Don’t  Take Risks

If you don’t take a risk, you risk missing a chance. Sometimes we are too focused on what we stand to lose when we take a risk or when venturing into an idea that seems too big for us, rather than focusing on the brighter side of what we stand to gain.

Failing to risk limits us the chance to discover our potential and capabilities.

Think about all the opportunities you’ve missed because you were afraid of the outcome even before you began. Think about that position you failed to apply for because you thought you weren’t good enough.

From today, whenever presented with an opportunity, grab it as it is better to fail after you’ve tried than not try at all.

2. You Fear Rejection

So, you’ve contemplated going back to school, but you’re scared of what your friends will say because of your age? Are you afraid of leaving your abusive marriage because your friends and family might judge you? Maybe you’re a young person struggling to quit drug abuse but feel like you will lose your buddies by doing so.

You may be missing lots of opportunities and happiness just because you are scared to lose your current circle of friends.

It’s about time you learn to let go of your fears, dust yourself, and move forward. Remember, you won’t always be welcome in every place that you go to,  and no matter how good and kind you may be, someone somewhere will hate you for no reason.

You cannot control how people perceive you, but you can take part in shaping up your life.

3. You don’t Set SMART Goals.

Sometimes we stay in the same place because we fail to have a plan. If you are the kind of person who wakes up in the morning and starts figuring out what to do for the day, it is about time you started following up a well laid down plan. Indeed, sometimes things do not always go as planned, but having a reference point will help us get back on track quickly and easily.

Set Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-bound goals. By doing so, you will have a plan on what to do at a specific period to achieve your goals.

For example, if you’re working and you feel that you deserve a promotion or a better job, but the competition is too high, you may consider taking an online short course to better your skills. You can partake in this course at home after work or during your off days. You can also volunteer to help your superiors in activities such as; organizing Annual General Meetings or team-building events.

Remember, competition is always stiff at the bottom, so work on gaining skills and do something that sets you apart from the rest.

Do not forget to keep your goals as realistic as possible to avoid heartbreaks.

4. You Fear Feedback

Now that you’ve set SMART goals, your next step is to be coachable and learn how to receive feedback. Most people take feedback negatively and fail to work on improving their areas of weakness. A true friend will always give you feedback to help mold you, no matter how thorough and harsh the feedback may seem. It is up to you to pick what is helpful, work on improving and implement it.

The secret to receiving constructive feedback is by learning not to take it personally. Remember, the person giving feedback is concentrating on the issue at hand and not about you.

For example, if your supervisor says you need to improve on researching skills, he doesn’t mean that you are not a good researcher but means you can do better than you’re doing right now.

5. You Don’t Take the Initiative.

You’re not progressing because you are not proactive. You tend to sit and wait for things to happen. It is good to be proactive in filling the need when you spot one.

If you’re a business owner, do not sit there and wait for your business to grow just by doing the normal that every other business person is doing. You must be willing to go the extra mile by advertising regularly, giving promotions, offering top-notch customer service, and doing follow-ups.

A customer will return and even refer her friends to your business if you give her exemplary customer service and after-sale services.

6. You don’t Keep Networks.

Are you always making new friends/connections and forgetting the old ones? While it is advisable to let go of some old friends and habits for you to grow, it is also necessary to establish long-term relationships with our connections, for you don’t know where you will bump on to them in your career ladder.

While skills are vital for growth, sometimes even with the skills, knowing certain people facilitates some doors to open.

Always create and keep networks that are worth it.


Many factors can contribute to your life being stagnant. It feels awful to feel stuck on one point and to feel like your life keeps going in a circle. The biggest strength of personal growth is believing in yourself and taking the initiative. When you understand that things don’t just happen, you will start to grow. Also, you must know when to leave some ways of doing things and when to embrace new ways of doing things.

All in all, the first step to personal growth is in your hands, LETTING GO OF YOUR FEAR.

 Embrace this and experience your life change for the better.

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