When properly used, social media can be a vital tool for the growth of businesses. We are in a time where almost everything has gone digital, and we must go with the speed of technology if we want to thrive. Many people use social media sites to socialize, not knowing they are sitting on a gold mine for their business breakthrough.

Below are some of the benefits of social media and ways to best position your business for success online.

Benefits of Using Social Media for Business

  1. You can reach a bigger audience.
  2. Social media has made communication easy and fast.
  3. You can easily reach a target market depending on the way you frame your posts and adverts.
  4. It is easy to build and promote a brand on social media.
  5. You can track your progress and that of your competitors and learn from your competitors.
  6. Reviews from the right people will give you more sales and return clients.
  7. You have a chance of partnering with influencers and promoting your products.
  8. Social media helps your business to stay alive even when you’re offline.
  9. Social media drives traffic to your website.

To enjoy the benefits of social media, you must position yourself strategically in the online world. Below is how to do it.


1. Take Clear Pictures

Human beings are visual in nature. We tend to see something first before we read or listen. Take Clear pictures of the items you want to sell online.

Characteristics of Clear pictures for Online Products:

  • Should be of Great Quality

Avoid blurry and soapy images. Invest in a good camera to take photos of your products. If you don’t own a camera, you can borrow from a friend or use a smartphone camera.

  • Clean Background

Have a clean background and make sure that there are no other items apart from the image you are capturing. A white background goes well with most pictures, but you can try to be creative depending on the product you’re selling.

  • Check on your Lighting

If you’re starting, you may find it expensive to hire a professional photographer. It is, therefore, necessary to be aware of the lighting before taking those shots.

Natural lighting is recommended for clear and quality pictures. You may consider taking your photos during the daytime.

  • Final touches

Once you have your photos ready, you may consider editing a bit to give it that professional and appealing look. Editing includes adjusting color and contrast and removal of unnecessary spots.

2. Make Short and Precise Videos

Most, if not all online customers, want to see the product in use. Make short videos demonstrating how to use your product.

Since you cannot demonstrate the uses of some products on live videos, consider creating pictorial videos, with a background explanation with the step-by-step on how to use them.

3. Write How-To Guides

Accompany your product with a small list of how to use it, and the buyer will benefit from it. Guides give potential buyers a clear picture of how they will use the product upon purchase.

4. Add Clear Call To Action Buttons

Do not be a seller who is always asking the buyers to inbox them for price. Add “Order Now”  “Call” and “Message” buttons to your online shop. These buttons make it easier for the buyer to place an order by themselves. Human beings like to feel in control. Give your buyers control when they are shopping, as it will still work to your benefit.

5. Use Hashtags

A hashtag enables a surfer to find products or topics related to the hashtag when they conduct an online search. Research on the trending hashtags and twist them to your advantage when advertising your product. Online sellers must be creative at all times and learn to work all situations to their advantage.

6. Give Freebies and Promotions

You must have come across the “Buy three get one free” kind of promotion. Many people like free things. You can offer free delivery to some locations when a buyer buys a given number of items. Always make sure that the freebies do not eat much into your profits.

7. Have a Target Audience

When promoting your products, for example, on Facebook, there is an option to choose your target audience. Choose wisely your target audience as that forms the basis of your market. The target audience varies depending on the products you’re selling.

By doing so, you’re able to send your brand’s message to the right people and at the right time.

8. Invest in Good Customer Service Representative

It takes many hands, each with a different task, to run a successful business. A good customer service representative must respond to queries, clarification, and complaints professionally and on time. Never let your customers feel like a second option. Customers feel appreciated when their chats are replied to, almost immediately, and their concerns looked listened to.

Remember, good customer service gives you customers through referrals and return clients.

9. Use Influencers to Promote your Products

For business success, you must be willing to inject money, time, and effort. Find an influencer in the same niche as yours and request to promote your products. Big brand names are doing it to create traffic and sales for their products. Why not try the same?

You don’t have to start with the big fish. Identify an upcoming online influencer with a good following, approach them and strike a deal with them. This way is a bit cheaper for your startup.

10. Request Customers to Leave a Review

When shopping online, you’ve probably rushed to the review page to see how much positive feedback there is for that item. It is currently the trend, and you should maximize on it.

A review establishes trust between you and your potential customers. Quality products and excellent customer service will always leave you with good reviews.

11. Sell, Sell, Sell

Selling is the backbone of any business. Keep selling!

You make sales by keeping your online presence alive. Whether you make a sale today or not, you must keep advertising and promoting your products. The goal of a business is to make a profit, and you can only achieve this by selling.

Follow and implement these steps for your success online. Happy Selling!

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