No matter what you do, you will always need good customer service for the success of your business. You may have heard the saying that the customer is always right. At times, business owners want to disagree by arguing that the client isn’t always right, forgetting that the customer is their boss, whether their input is $1 or a million dollars. Customers are the epicenter of your business growth, and you should handle them with optimal care.

It is, therefore, advantageous to instill good customer handling skills in all your employees, for they are the face of the company. You may be excellent at your job, but if one of your employees lacks good customer service skills, they may contribute to bringing your business down. Always remember that negative news travels faster. Business owners should consider investing time and money in training on good customer service skills to your employees, especially those with one-one contact with your clients.

Below are some of the practices that you or your employees may adopt to ensure maximum customer satisfaction

  1. Always Carry a positive attitude to the workplace.

Have you ever walked into a shop where you needed service, and the attendant was all grumpy and moody? What did that make you feel as a customer?

Truth be told, when you get a not-so-welcoming reception when you need assistance, your motivation to shop fades. Some customers even walk away due to this behavior without buying anything.

If you are in the service industry, always wear a genuine smile and show interest in your customers at all times. They have the money, and you have the goods or the services, and, in as much as they need your products, always remember that they can get them elsewhere. Treat them well!

2. Treat every Client as your First-time Customer.

It is easier to gain clients but a bit hard to keep them. Clients return to a place because they received good first-time interaction and quality products. It is, therefore, crucial to give them the same attention as you gave them the first time you interacted with them. Never assume that since you are familiar with a client, you should treat them with less importance.

I will give you a scenario:

Imagine you are a regular client in this Spa that has excellent services. You have maintained to be their customer because they have been offering excellent services with professionalism. Over your regular visits as a customer, you have built a friendship with the attendants and are calm whenever you are there. Now, the attendants have loosened up their professionalism when serving you and have started asking you to allow their other clients to be attended to first because they are new, despite you having made prior bookings. This behavior continues for some time until you start feeling shortchanged and opt to move to another Spa that will respect your time.

You see, in business, we make the mistake of dropping professionalism to regular customers, thus driving them away. Always remember that what attracted them to your business premises was your good customer service. You drop it, and the customers are gone.

3. Maintain Professionalism at All Time

Some people confuse being professional as being very serious and sometimes unwelcoming. You can be very friendly and still have professionalism.

Train your employees to handle phone calls, social media chats, and emails with professionalism. They should avoid intruding into clients’ personal lives. If they need more information from the customer, they should weigh and sieve their words carefully.

On phone calls, they should always greet the client and introduce themselves and ask for permission to proceed if it’s an outbound call. Teach them to paraphrase their questions when probing so that it doesn’t sound like it’s an intrusion of privacy.

4. Remain Calm when Handling Difficult Customers

In the course of your business, you will encounter those customers with self-entitlement and super rude. Some customers will walk on to you with outbursts and insults and will most likely attract an audience for the show. In such a situation, remain calm, take deep breaths, give the customer some time to vent, and find a point to interject. Apologize to them, and if the problem is from your side, acknowledge it and offer to look into it.

If the client is just a trouble maker for no apparent reason, ask them respectively to leave the premises. If they still insist on the outburst, involve another person for help to ask them out. Never argue with such a customer by returning the insults because the audience will pick the bad on your part even if the problem isn’t from you.

5. Adopt Polite and Courtesy Words

In customer service, always have words such as Hello, Excuse me, Thank you, Please, and Sorry. These words can calm an intense situation and make a person feel appreciated.

Look at these two scenarios:

You walk into an office, and the recipient receives you as follows:

Reception1: Yes, whom do you want to see?

Reception2: Good morning Sir, how may I help you?

No matter how busy you are, always give a client a minute of your time to say hello and offer help willingly. Remember that your body language should sync with your words. When you offer to help, your body language should show that you mean it.

6. Quit Being Judgmental

Never judge people according to their physical appearance, especially for those people in the sales department. Avoid discriminating against some customers because you think that they look like people without money. Looks are deceiving, and in this era, it is hard to distinguish between the very loaded customers and the less loaded customers unless you do a background check.

Again, being loaded doesn’t mean that the person will spend their money on your business, so it is good to give both your time as you try to persuade them to shop with you.

7. Work within the Values, Code of Ethics, and Policies of your Business.

Ethics are the set guidelines by the company to guide you when offering your services to your clients.

Reading and understanding your company’s code of ethics will come in handy when handling complaints and dealing with difficult-to-handle and angry clients. You will also be able to avoid tricks that may arm-twist you into fraudulent actions.

8. Tone and Facial expression

Whether on the phone or in face-to-face interaction, always look into your tone and facial expression. A person can tell if you’re bored or excited by your tone. When working, sit upright and comfortably, be lively when answering a phone call and when receiving a client in your business, wear a genuine smile and show your interest to them. Never make the customer on the other side of the line feel like they are wasting your time by calling you. Let your tone give them a sense of belonging.

A lively tone can make a potential customer spend more than they intended to and refer people to your business because of the excellent customer services you offer.


As much as you want to offer quality products to your customers, do not forget that good customer service is the backbone of business success. Equip yourself or your employees with excellent customer service skills and see your business grow. Teach your employees to be open-minded and be able to adapt to unpredictable situations while remaining calm.

Remember, always wear a smile, have a positive tone, and pay attention to each customer despite their status in society. It goes a long way toward the customers’ satisfaction regarding your services.

Good Luck.

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