Sometimes we get overwhelmed by the challenges we face in our daily life, be it personal, health, or professional. We react differently to challenges, and when we fail to control the situation, we develop stress. If you allow yourself to wallow in stressful situations, physical, psychological, and health problems may develop. It is, therefore, necessaryContinue reading “HOW TO MANAGE STRESS”


The use of social media as a marketing tool has increased exponentially in the digital world. Companies, bloggers, and influencers are all selling their products and services online. For them to sell, they need to convert their online following into their customers. Most businesses have more than one social platform. Commonly Used Social Media Platforms;Continue reading “EARN ONLINE AS A SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER”


Making money online is a very lucrative topic for many beginners who desire to earn a living. However, not many people have concrete information on how to do it. There are many legit ways to make money online. You must, however, know that online is not a scapegoat for easy money. You require skills, commitment,Continue reading “HOW TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE FOR BEGINNERS”


“Siku njema huonekana asubuhi.” Is a Kiswahili proverb loosely translated as a good day is seen in the morning. You can make your life better if you adopt the following daily practices. I. Proclaim Success in your Life Every Morning You have often heard that there’s power in the tongue, and the mouth proclaims what’sContinue reading “15 BEST HABITS YOU SHOULD ADOPT”

Buying Land in Kenya: The Do’s and Don’ts

A sizeable percentage of Kenyans (at least 62%) prefer investing in land as their priority, among the many available investment forms. This trend is due to its appreciation in value, even amidst a pandemic. Land and real estate are rapidly increasing in value due to high demand. Owning a piece of land, whether it’s anContinue reading “Buying Land in Kenya: The Do’s and Don’ts”

How to Live a Healthy Life While Working From Home

When Covid-19 first strike at the end of 2019, many things changed. As we progressed to the year 2020, the situation around the world became worse as governments locked down their borders. The way of life also changed as the hours of staying indoors increased. During this period, the number of people working from homeContinue reading “How to Live a Healthy Life While Working From Home”

5 Businesses You Can Start With Little or No Capital in Kenya

Have you found yourself in a web of thoughts of what business you should start to keep going? The high unemployment rate in Kenya has left many youth jobless and stranded on making ends meet. When you think of starting a business, you may have challenges on where to source capital. What if I toldContinue reading “5 Businesses You Can Start With Little or No Capital in Kenya”

Why Passion Alone Isn’t Enough for Business Success

You must have heard that passion is the fuel that keeps you moving, but is passion enough to give you success? The answer is NO. Is it wise to advise someone to follow their passion? Passion may inspire you to start your business, but good planning will save it. Remember, passion can’t compensate for inadequateContinue reading “Why Passion Alone Isn’t Enough for Business Success”

6 Start-ups Mistakes You Should Avoid

Every entrepreneur has an urge to succeed. You have so much energy and dreams for a successful business, but once you dip your toes in the real business, you find it to be overwhelming. Have you ever asked yourself why most start-up SMEs don’t live to their 1st birthday? There are those things that youContinue reading “6 Start-ups Mistakes You Should Avoid”


Bondage is a state of being a slave. There are many forms of bondage in this life, such as physical, psychological, financial, and many more. Today we shall discuss Financial Bondage as many other forms of bondages are related to financial matters. The BIG question is; How and when do you know that you’re inContinue reading “HOW TO BREAK THE CHAINS OF FINANCIAL BONDAGE”