Remember your first reaction when you learned you were pregnant? The fear amidst the joy? The ‘what next’ questions? Well, it must have been a draining feeling followed by a bunch of advice from self-proclaimed experts. It is vital for first-time pregnant women and pregnant women to attend antenatal care as early as possible. DueContinue reading “WHY YOU SHOULDN’T MISS PRE-NATAL VISITS”

An Article a Day keeps Procrastination at Bay.

“I will do it later” are words that we often utter when we have a task to do. It always seems sweet and satisfying to postpone some work for later. I have found myself in such a situation too, whereby I want to write often and perfect my skills, but then I end up postponingContinue reading “An Article a Day keeps Procrastination at Bay.”

7 Common Early Signs of pregnancy

Life is full of surprises and turns. Some are pretty exciting, while others are just that SURPRISES!!! Being pregnant is a beautiful experience, which leaves behind a lot of questions, especially to the first time to-be moms. How exactly did you start suspecting that you could be pregnant? Below is a list of early signsContinue reading “7 Common Early Signs of pregnancy”


Writing is fun. To some, it’s a free nature-given talent while to others; it’s a skill learned in school. In both scenarios, writers require to put in extra hard work. A writer expresses his/her thoughts in words to reach an audience. Unlike in the past, where writers wrote as a hobby, today, it’s possible toContinue reading “HOW TO MAXIMIZE YOUR PRODUCTIVITY AS A WRITER”