6 Reasons why your Life is Stagnant

Personal Development Have you ever sat down and reflected on your life and how you have developed over the years? Do you sometimes feel stuck in one position, and nothing seems to work no matter what you do? Well, sometimes in life, we reach a point where we feel stagnant. We feel left behind, andContinue reading “6 Reasons why your Life is Stagnant”


“Siku njema huonekana asubuhi.” Is a Kiswahili proverb loosely translated as a good day is seen in the morning. You can make your life better if you adopt the following daily practices. I. Proclaim Success in your Life Every Morning You have often heard that there’s power in the tongue, and the mouth proclaims what’sContinue reading “15 BEST HABITS YOU SHOULD ADOPT”

How to Live a Healthy Life While Working From Home

When Covid-19 first strike at the end of 2019, many things changed. As we progressed to the year 2020, the situation around the world became worse as governments locked down their borders. The way of life also changed as the hours of staying indoors increased. During this period, the number of people working from homeContinue reading “How to Live a Healthy Life While Working From Home”