Sometimes we get overwhelmed by the challenges we face in our daily life, be it personal, health, or professional. We react differently to challenges, and when we fail to control the situation, we develop stress. If you allow yourself to wallow in stressful situations, physical, psychological, and health problems may develop. It is, therefore, necessaryContinue reading “HOW TO MANAGE STRESS”

How to Live a Healthy Life While Working From Home

When Covid-19 first strike at the end of 2019, many things changed. As we progressed to the year 2020, the situation around the world became worse as governments locked down their borders. The way of life also changed as the hours of staying indoors increased. During this period, the number of people working from homeContinue reading “How to Live a Healthy Life While Working From Home”


Remember your first reaction when you learned you were pregnant? The fear amidst the joy? The ‘what next’ questions? Well, it must have been a draining feeling followed by a bunch of advice from self-proclaimed experts. It is vital for first-time pregnant women and pregnant women to attend antenatal care as early as possible. DueContinue reading “WHY YOU SHOULDN’T MISS PRE-NATAL VISITS”